jueves, 31 de julio de 2008

Tips to help the Environment

Hello.. How every one now the water is the more imortant think to life so here i let you some tips to save water that you can use in your home :D

  • Check for and fix dripping taps.
  • Turn off taps if you do not need them, for example when cleaning your teeth.
  • Have a shower instead of a bath when possible.
  • Keeping cool water in the fridge means you won't have to run a tap continually to get cold water.
  • Think about how much bleach and household cleaner is flushed down the loo. The chemicals do affect the water course.
  • A washing machine can use as much as 95 litres water per cycle. Using a full load uses less energy, water and costs less overall than washing half loads. The same can be applied to dishwashers.
  • Flushing the loo can use around 15 litres of water. Placing a brick in the cistern or using a hippo from the water company can lead to considerable savings. Toilet cisterns manufactured after 1993 usually use less water per flush.
  • Think of ways to use 'grey water', from cooking or fish tanks. This water can often be used in the garden and for watering household plants

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